Environmental Responsibility

Mt. Healthy Auto Body cares about the environment. The nature of the collision repair business  includes the handling and disposal of potentially harmful materials. We pay close attention to how we handle, capture and dispose of these materials for the safety of our employees and to be kind to the earth. We recycle both on and off site and have incorporated environmental awareness and safety standards into our daily operation.

Air Conditioning

Mobile air conditioners have a significant environmental impact on the Earth’s climate. Prior to 1994, refrigerant R-12 was used in most vehicle air conditioning systems. R-12 contains CFCs which have been phased out because they damage the Stratospheric Ozone Layer that protects the Earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Since 1994 the use of ozone friendly refrigerants such as R134a has been mandated by the US EPA. Although R134a is ozone safe, it is still a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming if released into the atmosphere.

At MTHAB, we comply with EPA section 609 which mandates that all personnel working with A/C systems be tested and certified in their use. This also includes having the proper refrigerant recovery and recycling machines that prevent the release of these harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.


We use internal procedures and equipment to recover and recycle waste that is a byproduct of the repair/refinish process.

Recycling Parts

Many electrical parts can be sent back to manufacturers to be rebuilt and old batteries are also recycled by the manufacturer. Tires are picked up and used in a variety of local applications. No tires used at our shop go to the landfill. Many bumpers and headlights are sent for re-manufacturing or recycling. Steel, aluminum, and other metals are also recycled as well as all of our office waste materials.


By using a computerized scale we mix just the right amount of paint, and little is wasted. Our equipment distills the thinner to be reused and bakes the non-distillable into a solid “puck” that’s stored safely until the hazardous waste is picked up by an approved environmental disposal company.

Office Waste

We recycle 100% of our office paper, supplies and other daily use materials.